Hemicrania Continua – The Challenges of Diagnosis!

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One Sided Headache

A Constant One Sided Headache

Hemicrania continua is defined as a constant one sided (and always on the same side) headache of moderate intensity with exacerbations and which responds to Indomethacin. Other possible symptoms include redness of the eye, a watery or teary eye, a blocked or runny nostril and drooping of the eyelid.

But we have case reports which show that this supposedly one sided (always the same side) headache can occur on the other side and can also be on both sides at the same time.

Interestingly the traditional classification system of headache and migraine states that Cervicogenic (neck-related) Headache as a one sided headache (and always the same side) also. However my experience of over 21000 hours with headache and migraine patients is that a one sided headache that can occur on the other side is a Cervicogenic Headache. Does this mean that I am saying Hemicrania Continua is likely to be Cervicogenic Headache – Yes!



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