How Many More Headaches or Migraines Are We Going to See?

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Bath Related Headache

Bath Related Headache

I read with some frustration of a new headache type being reported – ‘Bath-related headache’!

There is not one year that goes by when another headache is described and introduced to the headache and migraine mass! In the last couple of years, pony-tail headache and chewing gum headache have been recognised – when will it stop!

All headache and migraine lie on a continuum with ‘migraine’ representing severe headache at one end of the spectrum and the relatively mild tension-type headache at the other end of the spectrum. As one authority has explained, using ‘migraine’ to describe acute headache in this way is similar to using the term ‘hypertension’ to report the extreme end of the blood pressure continuum.

Headache and migraine is becoming unnecessarily complicated and it need not be!



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