Migraine, Headache And The Brainstem

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There is clear clinical and experimental evidence that the BRAINSTEM plays a pivotal role in the migraine process.

Migraine and headache are conditions in which normal light is unpleasant, normal sound uncomfortable, and where there is an abnormal interpretation of activity – one in which normal pulsing of arteries is felt as pain.

Information from the visual and auditory systems along with activity of structures from inside the head are transmitted through the brainstem to the cortex where it is interpreted – it seems as though the cortex is misled by a sensitised or hyper excitable brainstem.

The key to successful treatment is determining the source of the sensitisation of the brainstem – information from neck disorders is neglected by traditional medicine as a potential source. Whilst it is important and responsible that other possibilities be investigated, given the clinical and experimental evidence, it is irresponsible that the neck not be considered.



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