Paroxysmal Hemicrania Related to Menstruation

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Here we go again – another headache type that occurs within the menstrual period!  Last count it was migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache …

This case study describes a 43 year old woman who initially had menstrual related migraine which later developed into a typical paroxysmal hemicrania (similar to cluster headache). So here we have menstrual migraine and menstrual paroxysmal hemicrania in the one person, both of which responded to the ‘triptans’.

Just further evidence supporting that headache and migraine develops from one condition – sensitisation of the brainstem (remember that the ‘triptans’ desensitise the brainstem).



(Maggioni F. Menstrual paroxysmal hemicrania, a possible new entity? Cephalalgia 2007;27:1085-1087)

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