A Migraine Sufferer’s World

November 6, 2009 by dean · Leave a Comment 

A Receptionist at The Headache Clinic recounted this description of headache and migraine told by one of our patients.

This migraine sufferer suggested that if someone has a pain in their toe it remains fairly localised. Unlike the pain of migraine which seemed to expand outwardly, beyond the head, as the pain of migraine increased. By this she meant the pain moved from the person suffering the headache, into their family, workplace, community until the pain became so intense it was the sufferer’s whole world. In fact (and often) at this stage the sufferer has isolated themselves from their daily life, often retreating to bed or seeking help via Accident and Emergency …… unfortunately an all too common story.

However our goal is for this to be a less common story, achieved without ongoing medication and with a skilled examination of the neck.



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