Treating the Neck Can Eliminate Migraine Symptoms

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Interesting to note that by blocking or ‘numbing’ the greater occipital nerve, the pain of migraine, sensitivity to light and tendereness are all significantly reduced – further evidence to support that abnormal cervicogenic (neck) information could be the source of sensitisation in the migraine process.



(Young, W. et al The first 5 minutes after greater occipital nerve block. Headache 2008 July 48(7):1126-8)

Just Massage the Nerve for Migraine Relief!

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Here is some information which suggests that instead of blocking or ‘numbing’ the greater occipital nerve all you need to do is massage the greater occipital nerve firmly for the relief of migraine pain. Importantly, this was done as soon as the first sign of the migraine process appeared …. more information that by influencing information from neck structures, migraine symptoms can be resolved.



(Piovesan EJ et al Massaging over the greater occipital nerve reduces the intensity of migraine attacks: evidence for inhibtory trigemino-cervical convergence mechanisms. Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2007 Sep;65(3A):599-604)

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Hemicrania Continua, Migraine Aura and The Neck!

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In a recent issue of Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain a case study reported a 17 year old male with hemicrania continua and aura perhaps suggesting that there is a link between hemicrania continua (headache of unknown origin) with migraine with aura (headache of unknown origin).

It was also reported in the same issue that a small trial in which an occipital nerve stimulator (which changes information from the neck) relieved the headache in five patients suffering hemicrania continua.

We also know that modifying information from the neck can also stop migrainous auras and the pain of migraine.

What does this suggest?



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