Migraine and Dizziness

November 29, 2009 by dean · Leave a Comment 


Dizziness is a symptom that many headache and migraine sufferers experience

Are migraine and dizziness different presentations of a common disorder?

Some patients of mine have presented with dizziness as their only symptom and whilst they are are grateful they do not have to endure the awful pain of migraine or headache, significant dizziness can be disabling …. and of course dizziness is another symptom that many of my headache and migraine patients experience.

Many of those patients in whom dizziness was as the only symptom have responded to mobilisation of the upper three spinal segments (particularly C2-3 – the segment formed by the second and third vertebrae) – the same segments which have the potential to (and I believe do) sensitise the brainstem in migraine and headache conditions.

So I am not surprised by the recent findings of Japanese researchers which indicates that migraine- associated vertigo (dizziness) and Meniere’s Disease share a common condition.

Just as in migraine (I don’t know why!), the cause of Meniere’s Disease is unknown (and controversial) – could it be that the Meniere’s condition arises from a senstised brainstem?

….. all I know it is worthwhile seeking a skilled examination of your neck!



(Murofushi T, Ozeki H, Inoue A, Sakata A. Does migraine-associated vertigo share a common pathophysiology with Meniere’s disease? Study with vestibular-evoked myogenic potential. Cephalalgia 2009;29:1259-1266)

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