The Brainstem

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Blood Vessels - The Arteries and Veins of the Brain and Neck

Blood Vessels - The Arteries and Veins of the Brain and Neck

I have mentioned the brainstem on a number of occasions.

But what is the brainstem?

The brainstem is an area at the top of the spinal cord, which receives input from (activity of) structures inside the head (including blood vessels) and also from structures of the upper neck (ligaments, joints and the capsules, and muscles) which are supplied by the top three spinal nerves.

The brainstem is also influenced by serotonin and a system known as the Diffuse Noxious Inhibitory Control system . Now all information or activity in relation to headache, head pain and migraine, passes through the brainstem to the higher brain centres where it is interpreted, where the decisions are made!

The Brainstem is the final common pathway for all headache and migraine information.  It is to headache what the black box is to the airplane.



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