‘Triptan’ Overuse Headache

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Neck structures contibuting to migraine

Neck structures contibuting to migraine

It is interesting to note that we now have another condition (or complication) in the headache and migraine industry – ‘Triptan Overuse Headaches’! This was always going to happen as it did with ‘Medication overuse headache’.

Whilst for many of my patients, the triptans were their best friend initially, eventually over time they were finding that they were needing to take another one in decreasing intervals, i.e. their effectiveness is decreasing or ….. perhaps it is that the cause of the sensitisation process is worsening.

It is imperative that the source of the sensitisation of the brainstem be determined.

Essentially the brainstem is influenced by four systems:

  • serotonin
  • diffuse noxious inhibitory control system
  • information from structures inside the head – blood vessels, teeth, gums, eyes, sinuses etc
  • information from structures of the upper neck – muscles, ligaments, capsules, joints etc

Of the above the easiest to confirm or eliminate is information from the neck.

Can you imagine how one of my patients who was experiencing migraine daily and who was taking Imigran (a triptan) three a times day for the past 10 years, felt when her migraine eased within 30 seconds after placing her head into a retracted (i.e. the opposite to a poking chin posture) position – she burst into tears! What a moment ….she realised her neck was contributing to her migraine.



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